Garden 26 is a full-service landscape design firm committed to providing the highest quality, professional services—from project design through completion. Our goal is to help our clients to bring harmony, balance, and perspective to their outdoor environments and turn their landscapes into dreamscapes, whether private, commercial, public or residential.
In a world where sustainability is crucial and technologies are constantly evolving, we strive to stay on the cutting edge by providing our clients with cost-conscious, tailor-made solutions in terms of resourcing and materials. Moreover, our distinct approach to each garden design project evolves seamlessly from the given physical and (horti-)cultural environment of each space we deal with, allowing us to create unique landscapes that are defined by their beauty, elegance, and above all, their functionality.

We are a full-service landscape design firm committed to providing the highest quality, professional service—from project design through completion.
Erik Moraillon & Helen Lambrakis, co‑founders of Garden 26, have over 20 years of combined experience, having managed projects—from high-end to high-profile—across the US, Europe and North Africa.

The two began working together in 2000 at the esteemed New York landscape design firm Madison Cox Design. Within that framework, they have each overseen a wide spectrum of projects, from urban roof terraces and private gardens to large country estates, boutique hotels, and public parks. The character of their designs vary from formal to natural, from romantic to modernistic.
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